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Build team morale with remote games

It can be challenging to bond with your team and maintain camaraderie from a distance. If you are looking for team building activities to combat Zoom fatigue and increase team morale, GameApart provides fun team games that can be played over any video conference tool that allows screen sharing.

Team Building Games
for Remote Groups

Whether your people need teamwork games to improve their collaboration skills or you all prefer some friendly competition, GameApart has a variety of games to help get your people laughing together. And really, doesn’t everyone work better when they are happy?

Don't Force Fun, Actually have fun!

We know its hard to connect with your remote teammates beyond talking about work. That’s where games come in. Our games facilitate real interaction, laughs, and bonding!

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How we connect your people

The GameApart platform is easy to use for playing corporate team building games — the host invites their team to meet over Zoom, Google Meet, Microsoft Teams, Skype, Cisco WebEx…or whatever video conference software your company uses! 


Next you’ll select a game from our website and share your screen, which functions as the table top. Everyone downloads the free GameApart app to their smartphones (Android & iOS), which will be used as a controller to play their hands.

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We know your team will love our games so much, we’re giving them one year free! No payment required, we are just excited to share our games with more people. Claim your team’s free membership will supplies last! 

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Gather the team, even though they're apart.

Transform your online meetings into a joyful experience and strengthen morale over one of our team bonding gamesDon’t be surprised when you get unironically presented with a World’s Best Coworker mug!

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