Online Drinking Games

Online Drinking Games

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If you love playing drinking games but it’s hard to get together in person with your favorite people to play with, check out this list of drinking games to play online. We firmly believe all games can be drinking games if you try hard enough, so we’ve come up with alternative rules for playing GameApart faves as virtual drinking games over Zoom, Meet, Teams, or even in-person if you are bored of beer pong!

GIFs Against Society

This is one of our favorite drinking games to play online…well, it’s not technically a drinking game, but it usually is when we play it! This game takes all the absurdness of Cards Against Humanity and combines it with GIFs, which results in a hilarious, sometimes weird, game experience!

How to play GIFs Against Society as an online drinking game:

  • The winner of each round takes a drink
  • Everyone drinks when a GIF of a dog or cat is played
  • If a card makes most of the players groan, then there’s only one thing to do — everyone drinks to feel better!

Tip of the Tongue 

If you’ve ever wanted to turn Heads Up into a drinking game, we’ve got you covered. Tip of the Tongue is a word-guessing game in the style of Heads Up. Players choose from a variety of topics and you help each other guess as many words as possible before time runs out.  

How to play Tip of the Tongue as a drinking game:

  • Drink if you skip a word
  • Drink if you fail to get someone to guess the word from your clues
  • Everyone drinks if someone doesn’t get any correct answers during their round


Verboden is a team-based competitive word-guessing game for fans of games like Taboo. The goal is for your team to guess the most amount of words based on clues given by one member of the team. If you say a Verboden word, the other team can BUZZ you, and in this case, getting buzzed is a bad thing. 

How to play Verboden as an online drinking game:

  • Say the banned word and get Buzzed? Drink.
  • Skip a word? Drink. 
  • Mispronounce a word so badly that everyone makes fun of you? Drink. 
  • And of course, the losing team has to drink!

The Word

Are you a literary type who likes word drinking games? Pour a drink and load up The Word, a cooperative word-guessing game for fans of games like Just One. The Guesser has to figure out the Mystery Word from a one-word clue submitted by each player. Sounds easy, but if more than one player gives the same clue, then they get deleted, giving the Guesser less info to work with. Although it’s funny when it happens, you want to avoid this situation!  

How to play The Word as a virtual Zoom drinking game:

  • Everyone drinks anytime the Ref has to delete clues for breaking the rules
  • If you get called out for using a clue the rest of the gang finds ridiculous, you drink
  • If the guesser gets the word wrong, they drink 
  • Anytime more than one person writes the same clue, they must drink for being unoriginal

Done With 2020

Similar in play to Cards Against Humanity, Done With 2020 lets us laugh at some of the highlights of our Weirdest Year Ever. You may need to have a non-alcoholic beverage handy for this one, otherwise you could end up in rough shape. 

How to play Done With 2020 as a drinking game:

  • Winner of each round takes a drink
  • Drink anytime something triggers a bad memory 
  • Drink anytime toilet paper, hand sanitizer, or elections are mentioned!

Playing drinking games with friends online from the comfort of your own home means you don’t have to get dressed, don’t have to find a sober person to drive you, and don’t have to share your snacks, making it the best possible thing to do next weekend. Host a game for your crew and tag us in your pics — if you are brave enough to share them online, that is! 


Got any other rules we should add to this list? Send us a message!

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