Trying to join a game?

Every game on GameApart takes place over a virtual hangout on a video conferencing service like Zoom. (Need help finding a free video conferencing software? Check out this list!) Only one player needs to host the game, while everyone else can join and interact with the game using their mobile device.


Already Got Invited to a Game?

If you are trying to join an existing game, you’ll need to download our app on the Apple or Google Play store. Then you’ll need to join your host’s virtual hangout. The game’s host will share their screen, so you can see and hear the digital game board.


Host a Game Instead?

Exited to try GameApart, but not sure how? You can find more instructions, and start hosting your own game here: Host a Game. If you need help setting up your game, or would like join a game hosted by us get in touch at concierge[at]