GameApart makes it super easy and intuitive to play games online with your friends. Here’s how it works:

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    Step 1

    The Host uses their favorite video conferencing platform to invite the crew to join the party, usually using a tablet or computer.
    Tip: It works best to join the hangout with a device other than your phone, which will be your “hand” as you play. You could use your phone for everything, but you’ll miss out on a lot of the interaction, and have to toggle back and forth between apps.

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    Step 2

    The Host logs in to GameApart and shares their screen with everyone. This will be the shared tabletop everyone will see and use. Or, if you are playing together at home, the host can cast to a television screen for all to see easily.

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    Step 3

    All players log in to the GameApart app on their smartphones (or download it if they don’t have it yet).

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    Step 4

    The Host picks a game and selects the appropriate settings, which will create a room with a join code. Everyone joins by scanning the QR code or manually typing the join code into their app.

Download the app

Game Resources

Why did you build this?

We built this during the COVID-19 quarantine, when we got bored during our virtual happy hours. We quickly realize that there weren’t a lot of options to easily play games with our friends over a video conference platform. There were things for hardcore gamers, and there were things that were hard to use, and some other things that were easy to use, but kinda lame. We decided to create something so easy that everyone from our youngest nephew to our oldest aunt could play games together and, hopefully, have a great time doing it.

While the idea came up during our social distancing, we also realized that this would have many uses even when life returned to “normal” — it’s great for people who might miss game night due to traveling, for parents who want to join a game night after the kids go to bed, for introverts who are social but prefer to stay home, for people who have to deal with bad weather in the winter, and for people who don’t want to buy and store a bunch of board and card games.

We like it, and we hope you do too!

What do I need to play?

A tablet or laptop to act as the tabletop, a smartphone to play your “hand”, a video conference tool to invite your friends and share the tabletop with them, and…people to play with! See “how to play” above for more details.

How much does it cost? Does this have ads?

That depends on what pricing structure you choose — you can either pay a subscription OR get served short, well-integrated ads. We need to pay for hosting and dev costs somehow! Our team is pretty split on whether they’d rather not pay and watch an ad, or give away everything they own to never have to see an ad again, so we figured we’d let you choose! Subscriptions start at $4.99 for a year, with cheaper options for shorter time periods available.

Isn’t Gifs About Society just a rip-off of Cards Against Humanity?

That wasn’t hard to figure out, was it? CAH has a cool licensing dealio that allows us to use the framework they created, and add our own spin. We happen to love gifs, and thought blending the two would bring fun new life to a game we’ve played many times! We also allow you to select a G or PG-13 rating for your game, making it less awkward to play with your family or co-workers.

Your other games seem familiar too, what gives?

Full disclosure — most of our initial games are inspired by games you already love. As we grow, we plan to work with game designers to bring you fresh content by up-and-coming talent and be a spot where you’ll discover new games before the physical versions are released! (If you are a game designer and that sounds interesting to you, drop us a line!)

Will you be adding new games?

You bet! Our goal is to add 2 new games a month for our first 6 months, then develop a steady release schedule after that.

I found a bug — where do I report my tech issues?

Lame! Please do let us know so we can fix it immediately. Send us details here and be as descriptive as possible (screenshots are helpful!) so we can find and fix it asap.