4-12 Players

Free for All

It seems like every device we have is listening to our every word. You gotta be clever to fool the machines! In this team game, get your pals to say the secret word WITHOUT saying a banned word. Fail, and you get the BUZZER, and maybe ads for socks!


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Alexa is listening….always. In fact, it’s gotten difficult to enjoy a casual conversation in the living room without accidentally ordering a case of White Claw. As the number of robotic ears continues to grow, we’ll all have to get better at communicating without mentioning certain words. Practice avoiding the notice of our robotic servants (or masters?) with Verboden.

Verboden is a team-based competitive word-guessing game for people who want to play Taboo online, or enjoy games like Scattergories and CatchPhrase.

Party Game
Team Game
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Gather a group of players on a video conference like zoom. On click “Host Game”. Then start sharing your screen a choose a game for everyone to join! 

Yup! All of our games are free to play. You can even play our premium games for free too. You’ll just see ads before you play. 

Your group can use any video conferencing service to play together! So, all the players will need a desktop or tablet to join the virtual hangout, as well as a mobile device to act as their game controller. 

You can host a game any time you want. Just come to and click “Host Game”. If you would like to get instructions on how to play later, see here: 


Your friends need this, your relationships need this, YOU need this. Become the hero of your friend group and host a game night. Gather everyone together for some laughs, fun, and genuine connection. It’s free to play…what are you waiting for?

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