Ochos Locos

2-4 Players

Free for All

There are many tales told about deserts of the Wild West. But none as old as the tales of Los Malos Tiempos…when the Bandits came. Once bustling villages became ghost towns when the bandit gangs rolled into town. They burned buildings to the ground, harassed the villagers, and made it unsafe for the inhabitants to stay. Tumbleweeds blow past where children once played. The four bandit gangs seemed to be an unstoppable force until…Los Ochos Locos arrived.


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The Crazy 8 — former bandits now wearing badges. The new face of the law in the west, with no mercy on their minds. Their mission? To take back the towns for the people, and drive the bandit gangs back to whence they came. 

They are back in town, and this time they have some help. The Dynamite Twins, Nine and Ten. Rogue Thief Calico Jack, The Pistol Queen, and Governor King. They will infiltrate and destroy the Spades Gang, The Clubs Club, The Red Diamonds, and Heart-y Boys until only one is left standing. 

Ochos Locos is a card game for fans of Crazy Eights and Uno. It’s best played with 2-4 players. 

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Free for All
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