Gifs Against Society

3-10 Players

Free for All

In the not-too-distant future, all communication comes with a GIF! Take turns playing cards with GIFs that you think best matches the prompt card. Whichever GIF is deemed the funniest, wins the round! Your Robot Maid agrees… this game is hilarious!


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Looking to play Cards Against Humanity online? Well, hold onto your butts, because Gifs Against Society is Cards Against Humanity for the future — because it’s one of the unalterable Laws of the Internet that everything is better with GIFs!

Take an old party favorite to an entirely new, improved, and even more hilarious level by combining the worst of humanity with the worst of the Web. If you love Cards Against Humanity and respond to texts primarily with GIFs, you’ve just found your new favorite game!

Party Game
Free for All
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