Conspiracy Theory

2-6 Players

Free for All

In this Neddy Games classic, Uncover the world’s deepest secrets while showing your friends you are the master of underground knowledge. Answer Trivia, Reveal Cover-ups, Discover the Truth, and avoid armageddon! Only one can piece together the clues to find the truth. Is it you?


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In this unique and engaging trivia game, you and your friends are vying to be the best investigator of conspiracy theories! On your turn, you roll the dice and if you land on one of the five theory categories (mythos, tech, aliens, schemes, or random), you will be asked a question about a specific conspiracy in that area. If you don’t know about that conspiracy, that’s ok, the truth is out there! Every clue has a link to a place where you can “learn the conspiracy” and up your conspiracy knowledge.

  • If you land on “cover up”, you get to draw a card from the redacted document to reveal an action you must perform.
  • And if you land on Discovery, roll the dice again to gain great fortune at another player’s expense, or maybe trigger Armageddon!
  • The first player to gain one card in every category, or three in one category, wins!
  • So go! Discover the truth and show the world you really know your conspiracies!
Party Game
Free for All
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