Take Game Night Digital

Play party games with your people over any video conferencing platform. No matter where you are, you’ll never miss game night again!

Be together 6 feet apart in bad weather while traveling virtually and play your favorite games!



1. Gather your squad

Begin by selecting a video conferencing service like Zoom. Then, invite your group to join. One player will screenshare, so everyone can see and hear the game.



Once your group is in a virtual hangout, click “Host a Game”. Next, select a game to play. Each player will connect to this gameboard using the GameApart app.



Find the unique join code on your gameboard, and use our app to connect. Wait for everyone in your group to connect, then start your game!

Download the app below!

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Ready to play on any video chat platform!

new games RELEASEd every month

GIFS Against Society

3-10 Players

This game plays just like Cards Against Humanity, but… you guessed it with GIFs! Take turns playing and judging the best GIFs for each turn’s unique prompt.


4-12 Players

Split into two teams, try to get your team to guess the word – just don’t say any of the banned words or the other team will buzz you!

The Word

3-10 Players

Each round one player will be chosen to guess a selected word. The other players can only choose one clue each to help that player correctly guess the mystery word.

Tip of the Tongue

2-10 Players

Take turns helping the other players guess your word!. The goal is to get as many correct as possible while skipping as few as you can.

Done With 2020

3-10 Players

Express your love for the year 2020 by playing your funniest response to the prompt card each turn. Plays similar to Cards Against Humanity. 

Ochos Locos

2-4 Players

Ochos Locos is a card game for fans of Crazy Eights and Uno. A wild west themed game where the good guys round up the bandits and rustle them out of dodge. 

Charty Party

3-20 Players

The game of absurdly funny charts. Meet Charty Party, the game that combines mathematically questionable charts with dark humor and makes you think.


2-6 Players

In this Neddy Games classic, Uncover the world’s deepest secrets while showing your friends you are the master of underground knowledge. 

Just a FEW reasons to play...

Group 142

Bring Your People Together During Pandemics

Have you become a complete hermit? Let your friends and family know you are okay by hosting a game night.


Spice Up Your Meetings and Build Team Morale

Chances are your work routine is getting pretty…stale. Have some laughs and bond with your team.

Group 143

Regular Ol’ Game Night — Gone Digital!

Hey, we know not all of us need reasons to get down and GAME. So all you game lovers, what are you waiting for?

Group 136

Play While You’re

Don’t miss game night with your people back home, even when you’re traveling you can connect.

Group 136

Defeat Winter’s Plot to Ruin Your Social Life

Is the sun setting before 5pm? Is it breaking your spirit? It doesn’t have to. Gather some friends and play games.

Group 144

Have a Game Night After the Kids Go to Bed

Kids. We love them. Really, we do, but we also like to keep our friends. Host a game before they drop you.

Created your own game? Partner with us

GameApart enables game creators to take their vision online and reach a new audience of fans. We help launch your physical tabletop game into a virtual environment so people can play together over their favorite video conferencing software, such as Zoom, Meet, Skype, and more.

Too Lazy to Start Your Own game?

Guess we have another one for you, Brian! Drop your name and email below, and Brian our game concierge will handle the rest. Don’t worry, he’s a pro. Easily host a game, and become the MVP of your friends. There’s never been a better time to stay in and have a game night!

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