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gameapart vs gamestar

GameApart vs GameStar+

The internet has brought it to our attention that there is a new company in the game space with a similar name to ours — Gamestar+.  While there are some similarities between what our companies

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online drinking games

Online Drinking Games

If you love playing drinking games but it’s hard to get together in person with your favorite people to play with, check out this list of drinking games to play online. We firmly believe all

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Verboden home page graphic

How to Play “Verboden”

Verboden is a team-based competitive word-guessing game for fans of games like Taboo, Scattergories, and Catchphrase. Best played with 4-12 players. The goal of the game is for your team to guess the most amount of

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Meet the Team Headshots

Meet the Team

What started as a fun project to do during quarantine grew into an actual game platform and a fun way to stay connected with friends, family, and teams — whether you are in-person, or apart.

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the Word game on phone and laptop

How to Play “The Word”

The Word is a cooperative word-guessing game for fans of games like Just One, Scattergories, and Catchphrase. Best played with 3-10 friends. Learning how to play The Word is easy, and actually playing it is

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9 Ways to Use GameApart

GameApart was built as a result of our boredom and lack of things to talk about on our virtual hangouts during this COVID-19 social distancing nightmare, but as we took it to the world we

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Featured on Board Game Halv

We’re super excited to be featured on Board Game Halv! Check out our first-ever interview and learn more about GameApart — why we formed, what we are doing now, and what’s to come. Read Full

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